We are going to do a random search on Google that will generate a daily key word or concept.
Afterwards, each of us will represent the personal fake origin of those random things in a multiformat way, such as illustration, photography, music, performance, video, painting, collage, literature, typography…
Once finished, it will be a siamese interpretation of every random thing we worked on.

- Think about daily things and its importance, meanings and mental construction they produce on each of us.
- Play with the mixture of two different points of view about the same original concept.
- Create our personal online platform as a useful artistic & creative portfolio.

RANDOM WORD: skateboard

Top: slopes
Bottom: A skateboard is also a tool to skate through the property of the others.

RANDOM WORD: repulsive

There is one tooth
Right: Sometimes imagination is repulsive

RANDOM WORD: shopping

it wouldn't be so bad if we buy by exchanging, we wouldn't accumulate shit. Don't buy or sell: xchange!
Bottom: money, money, money, money, money, money is the origin.

RANDOM WORD: sleepwear

Top: the process that time and its consequences set on ur favs or maybe the 2000 effect.
Bottom: before going to bed there was always a lullaby.


Huha's mosaic
Right: the original pixel

RANDOM WORD: hallucinogens

the strangest family in the Ancient Rome with 2 dogs, one green and the other one purple.
Right: its hallucinogen's origin is in wishywashyneuter